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Detail solution Module 2 challenge 2

Is there any more detail solution in this challenge 2, It’s so difficult for me to understand, Or you can explain to me this code: struct Card {

// This property stores the number of the card (1 to 13)
var number = 1

// This property stores the number representation of the suit (0 to 3)
var suit = 0


struct ContentView: View {

// This is to store our generated Card instances
@State var deck = [Card]().       

// This array contains the string representation of suits
var suits = ["Clubs", "Spades", "Hearts", "Diamonds"]

// This array is for storing a string representation of previously generated number/suit combos
   @State var deck = [Card]().     

I don’t understand 2 line of code: @State var deck = Card & @State var deck = Card. Can you explain me more detail, please