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Develop Apps on my Windows OS

Hello Everyone!!

I am new to this iOS realm, but I am very excited for this journey. However, I have a quick question. Can I develop apps on my Windows OS? I do not have a Mac pc even though I will be purchasing one really soon. If I do, is there any other way that I can start this journey without purchasing a Mac book or a Iphone first?

Thank you in advance!!


Welcome to the community.

It’s a long winded process but you have to install a Virtual Machine (A Mac emulator) on your Windows machine and then install a version of macOS and then install Xcode.

If you are intending to buy a Mac then I would not bother going through all that palava on your Windows machine.

You could rent a mac and use it remotely through your Windows PC to build and test apps. Amazon is offering such a service.

Hello @LogansRun20,

If you want to just audit the language, and learn the foundation without building an iOS App, you can follow the official documentation from swift.org

but if you need to build an app for macOS and iOS, the better option really is to get a mac. You can start small. Look for 2nd hand mac mini on your facebook marketplace. If you can ask for the serial number of the device, that’s much better.

check the status using Apple Coverage. you can tag me here if you still need advice. Good luck to you bro!

Thank you so much Joash!

I really appreciate you!

Really? Thank you so much for that info sparrow!!!

Understood Chris.

Thank you!!