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Developing App Capability and Goal


I wanted to see what some people have accomplished app wise and curious to see what some peoples goals are. I personally am trying to create a marketplace style app similar to Depop or Poshmark for a certain niche/industry. Wondering how far along the course id start feeling confident about this goal. would that goal even be attainable solo? I see that tons of apps have teams working on it, but im trying to attack this project solo.

What are some apps people have created.

I’m going to move your question to the journal category (cause it’s not a question with a definitive answer)

Check out a lot of the journal entries people have written! It’s great to follow along with others.

You may never feel fully “confident” in a product, but learning small things here and there will get you towards your goal!

For making a marketplace type app you’ll need to learn some backend to save the data and authenticate users (like Firebase)

Also just along the way you’ll learn how to write code better

I start by mapping out, what do I want the app to do, what is shown on the screens, and then breaking that and figuring out how technically to accomplish those things.

are most of the tools I need all throughout these courses?

A majority of them are, yes!

Feel free to always ask questions here when you’re stuck