Dictionary of commonest error messages for beginners

Hi everyone, new member, beginner here.

I am following on my MacBook the Build a Match Game Lesson 8 at time 18.53. But at line 65 in ViewController alongside my entry “cell.flip()” I have this ViewController error message: "Value of type ‘CardCollectionViewCell’ has no member ‘flip’ ". This doesnt just prevent me from running the App now but effectively stops me from completing the course successfully. I’ve searched Xcode help and Google but can’t find anything i can understand. The only errors i am knowledgable enough to make are stupid errors like spelling, punctuation, brackets etc so i’m sure this error must be equally daft. But how am i to understand the message - “Value of type has no member” ? Is there a crib sheet for beginners somewhere on how to interpret commonest error statements?