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Different Versions of App for Different Companies

I have the basic version of a sales app all figured out for my current company, but there are other companies in the same industry who could benefit from it. These other companies calculate their commissions differently and have different ways of paying their reps.

Do I make separate workspaces for these different companies? How do I go about this without re-doing a whole app?

You could have a configuration / settings like screen to switch between companies.

I’m not sure how you’re planing on monetizing it, but it could be free and you have an in-app purchase for each company

On the backend you’d have to fetch different data depending on which setting the user has, and use that data for your calculations

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Hi @Koderr you may want to check this article


Actually, most of the big companies for example Exelon Corp used the same model as you described.
Check these 3 applications as an example

These 3 applications were built by only one iOS Project just different app targets and configurations and API Endpoints

The same with Norbit
A Branded marketing & rewards apps built for retail.

The link provided above is a good starting point for your research. :slight_smile:

Hey @joash ! This is all really helpful. I have a few follow-up questions:

  1. What is an app target?
  2. What do you mean in this case by a configuration?
  3. What’s an API endpoint?

I’m pretty new to this, so I’d love the help!

Hello @Koderr you can check the articles I provided below to your reference about the topic.

Bonus resource:
Create Build Configurations in Xcode Through Schemes(Dev, Prod, Staging, Local)

Maybe you can park this for now and try the 14 Day Beginner Challenge or the iOS Foundations (SwiftUI) before jumping to this advance topic. You need to have a good understanding of the basic first for this to make sense.