Distributing an app to a remote device

I’m working on an app to control a machine over wi-fi. I’m trying to build incrementally and my first test is to see if the wi-fi communication is working. I’m using a remote Mac for development (MacInCloud) and I was planning to use TestFlight to get the app onto my iPad. Unfortunately, Apple rejected my submission asking to see a video of the app running on a live device. Yeah, um, the reason I was using TestFlight is because my development machine and device are not co-located. I found “Distributing Your App to Registered Devices” on the Apple developer site but the instructions say “attach the device to your Mac.” Is there a way to get a .ipa file installed on a device without a Mac? Thanks.

I will reply to myself since I figured it out; I should have done more Googling myself before I posted. If you find yourself in a similar dilemma, Google “how to install ipa directly on ipad” and you will find some options (not sure if it’s okay to post exactly what I did here).

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Yes!! Please post your answer and mark it as the solution for others who may face the same issue