Distribution certificate

Hi guys,

I want to deploy an app on my iPad. I found the how-to at https://codewithchris.com/deploy-your-app-on-an-iphone/, but got stuck.

I managed to create a developer certificate, but the add button shows no option for distribution certificate. Can you tell me, how I can fix that?

thanks, Stefan :slight_smile:

are you a paid apple developer? it might affect things as free developer account is pretty limited

This link may help you.


thanks, but the above mentioned how-to of Chris reads: “You don’t need to purchase the $99/year membership to be able to transfer your own app to your own device.”

So how can I create a distribution certificate without enrolling to the apple developer program?

regards, Stefan

oh, for your own device you dont need to “download” any certificate, you just need to make your device the “simulator” when running your code, xcode will automatically install the needed certificates for it. problem is, the certificate only lasts for 7 days on the free account, so after that you need to install it again

Thanks. I tried that before, but since I’m working on a VM I have no possibility to physically attach my device. Even for simulation over network I need to physically connect the device first. So the only chance would be, to deploy it on my iPad, or to you see any other possibility?

Typically VMs have some option where you attach a flash drive (or in this case your phone)

To the computer you’re using and then can give you some options for mounting it to the VM.

Yes, I know. Played around with it for days. Need guest additions for that, but guest additions don’t work for Catalina yet.
Any other idea?