Do constraints on a viewcontroller (presented modally) work differently?

Good morning,

I made some constraints on the only two elements of a VC. Textfield with a URL at the bottom, and a textView with lots of text (forces scrolling).

when I select iPads to simulate (or work in IB) they are all over. Is that related to the VC not taking up full screen when it modally?

Just wondering if I need to be using traits or something else I’ve overlooked.

Post an example of what you are seeing that you expected to be different. Pretty hard to decipher what you are referring to without some context.

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I’ll try to get that put up shortly. thanks.
Admittedly I need to go back to basic in that area. The intuition on when to use stack views, dragging to ‘equal height’ as the superview and setting a percentage, and such are not easily apparent.