Drawing App / Map based database application (Zillow)

I’m particularly interested in learning how to add and interact with a map system (ie; adding pins based on user added location lists, along with attributes of those locations.) Learning how to associate these ‘geo objects’ with the accounts that create them would be awesome too.

Thanks for all the helpful guides!

Hey Karsen, that sounds like it’d make a good demo app.
What would you like to see in a demo for this type of app?

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Disregard the drawing app idea - There are many on YouTube.

The Zillow style app though would be very interesting to have demo the ability of two accounts interacting with a user-created database object.

So, one account creates a database object in a universal list (equivalent to me creating a new home listing) which the other user can interact with in a different way than the user who created it.

The creating user might have the ability to edit / remove the post and it’s attributes, while the interacting user(s) would have the ability to interact differently (request an appointment, send payment, etc.)

It could be simplified for sure, but the concept I think is very common, yet one I haven’t been successful finding a comprehensive guide on.

Thanks Chris!