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Email verification with FireBase

Hello there, can someone help me with a problem I encounter and can’t solve it?
When I send an email verification to the user’s current address, there are no errors, The email is wrote syntacticly correct, but that email does not exists. How do I solve this issue?
I expect if that mail is not existing, even if it wrote correctly, to receive an error…

hello, maybe its crashing at the background and you just don’t know? have you tried checking your debug log if it goes to the “catch” portion of the try-catch instead?

Hello, thanks for your answer. Yes I tried, no errors:(

I’m doing it with Firebase with the syntax they told me to do, with Auth.auth().currentUser.sendEmailVerification() { error in

if error == nil {
emailVerification = true // a variable
else {
emailVerification = false

And if emailVerification it’s false the user must go to the sign up view and rewrite its email address. Else, if it is correct, the user is redirected to another view.

But emailVerification its true anyways. I just verify with a function if it wrote correctly as an email address; what I mean is if the user taps a email like fox.laa.com, it cant go further.

Actually I think I have got an idea for the issue, my fault, and tell me if I am wrong…
Firebase sends the email verification successfully to that email address, because at the moment cant be any errors like too many requests, and my mistake is that I don’t check after if the user is Verified after pressing the link he recives on email.