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Encryption methods


I want to know if my app uses encryption methods. How can I find the info about this.
Also, my app is like a Notes App but with the ad banner, then does it use encryption method?
My App uses only user defaults technology and Ad Banner.

Your question isn’t very specific. What are you aiming to achieve?

I want to know how to answer to the questions from the App Store when I submit my app there. When I uploaded the build there and clicked on it I saw the question- “Does your App use encryption methods? Choose yes even if your app uses standard encryption methods available in the Apple operation System.”. And I don’t understand what to click- “yes” or “no” if my app is like a note app with one ad banner. And if my app doesn’t use encryption method have I to upload some documents or to do something in my project.

Unless you have integrated encryption into your app, then your app doesn’t include any encryption methods, so just click no.

What is it integrated encryption, i.e. how does this look?

Integrated just means that you’ve written encryption code, or any other kind of code, into your app. All you need to know to answer your question is that you click no to Apples question.