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Error instead of the simulator

Hello, I am experiencing an issue with my project. Using Xcode 13.2.1, I am getting the error "executable not found " in a pop up window. The project builds successfully, but I get the error instead of the simulator launching . Any ideas for solutions will much appreciated.

The only thing i can think of is to clean the build folder - Shift + Command + K

Thank you Chris. I have tried to clean the build folder before I posted here. The “executable not found” error also states that the path is not valid. I have checked all the settings and I can’t figure out what the issue is. My buddy who is working on the same project is able to run the app on his computer. I updated cocoapods on my computer and nothing is working.

You might have to close the project in Xcode and then delete the Build Folder entirely. When you then re-open the project Xcode will re-create the folder and hopefully it will then be OK.

To delete the build folder go to Finder and from the menu select Go and then select Go To Folder.
In the popup window paste in the following:


and then select Go.

Finder will present you a window in which DerivedData will be highlighted. It will look a bit like this.

Scroll down the list of projects in that folder and find the one that matches your sand delete it.

Reopen the project in Xcode and see if that makes any difference. You will need to perform a Build.