Facebook based app

Hello i wanna create an app using a login interface where it is possible to log in with facebook, and also create an account with email username and password. I would also like the app to be able to share events for different clubs, for an example if a club called johnny held 2 pre parties i would like my app to be able to show there facebook events and make people able to join them easily with a join button after the logged in on facebook, and a view button so you can see the event. How should i start what template should i use in xcode. Grettings Will.

Hey William! Welcome to the forum!

I’ll try to help by breaking down your features:

  • Login with FB
    Yup you can do this, no problem.

  • Create an account with email/username/pw
    Yup you can do this, no problem.

  • Show Facebook events
    You can show them in your app, but you’re going to have to think about how the app gets its data. Here are some ideas:

  1. The app has a list of clubs and it checks daily for events (someone needs to maintain the list of clubs)
  2. You provide a website where the club owners can add their events and the app reads from this list
  3. You manually look for these events and add it to a list that the app reads from.
  • Join Events with a tap of a button
    I’m not sure if Facebook has this integration with mobile apps. (We can only do what Facebook exposes and allows us to do through an API which is what the app communicates to FB through).

The app you’re describing is possible (some of the bits need some thinking through like i’ve illustrated above). But the app isn’t trivial to build and there’s no template to do it. I mean, there’s no step by step tutorial to tell you exactly what you need.

You’d have to learn the foundation development skills, learn how to build user interfaces, learn how to work with APIs, then get familiar with the Facebook API etc

I just want you to have the right expectations. If you want to get this done yourself, it’s possible but expect months of learning and effort!