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Finished Module 2 Move on? or Go back?

After finishing Module 1 I felt really great and enjoyed this journey. Heading into Module 2, it was immediately challenging, and after finishing Module 2 today. I realized that I have not mastered this chapter. I find myself Copy and pasting a lot from previous projects such as Recipe App for the final challenge. I am feeling partially defeated and don’t want to go backwards and regress, but not sure if im ready to move on considering how much I had to copy and paste.

I began my learning path in iOS Development back in July of 2018. I still copy and paste code from time to time since remembering how to do everything I have covered in that time is just not practical. It’s normal to go back and look at previously written code so don’t feel bad.

Chris Ching has been writing code for much longer than I have so he would probably have a greater memory retention.

Push on and things will fall into place over time.

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