Finished the War Card Game? Post Your Screenshot Here!

First ever app - I hope the first of many!

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Well done, Fernando! Hope you had an amazing time doing this challenge! Onto the next one! :slight_smile: Badge awarded!

Excellent, Stephan! This is just the beginning! Keep on going. Badge awarded. :slight_smile:

Awesome, Mirant! Thanks for all your hard work! Awarded to you your first badge! :slight_smile:

Congrats, Jon! Keep on going! :slight_smile: Pleased to award to you your first badge!

Thank you so much Arthur! This has been a great experience!

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That’s been awesome!!! THANK YOU!!

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Hi Nina,

The background image (the green gradient image named “background” in your assets) is not occupying the entire screen area. To fix that you need to watch the video again where Chris explains how to set the constraints for the imageView so that the image edges go right out to the edge of the screen. In that explanation he also refers to setting the View Content Mode to “Aspect Fill”.

I would also recommend using an iPhone simulator rather than the iPod Touch. Tap on the name of the selected simulator in your Xcode window:

and you will get a drop down list to choose from as shown in the screenshot attached.

Congratulations, Gabriele! You’re more awesome. So happy to see your hard work paying off. Badge awarded! :slight_smile:

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Well done @Nina, that’s a great result. Badge awarded.

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Congratulations, Vidya! :slight_smile: Pleased to award to you your first and well-deserved badge. Keep on going!

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I did my own adjustments, after the tutorial added a new button with a different logics of game, great start.

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Well done! What a great start for ya. Keep on going! First badge awarded. :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks for adding your own adjustments! We truly appreciate these little things that you guys do. Hope you participate in our other challenges. Badge awarded!

Got it done. Changed to my kids’ names as the players. They were excited to see the numbers changing…:slight_smile:

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WELL DONE, Jean! It must have felt so amazing that you managed to create something that your kids are enjoying to use. You did not buy it, but you created it! This is just the wonderful beginning for you. Keep on going and experience more of the wonders of app development. First badge awarded! :slight_smile: