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Finished the War Card Game? Post Your Screenshot Here!

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Awesome, congrats! Enjoy your first badge! :slight_smile:

Dear CWC Team,
thanks for your effort and good work. Now I start to understand Swift on a basic level!



Guten tag! We’re so proud of you, Gerd! Feels amazing to accomplish this, isn’t it? The best is yet to come for you so don’t stop now. Enjoy your new badge. Danke! :slight_smile:

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Hello Chris thanks for this tutorial have been really helpful have finished my war card game from the 14 day challenge Lessons… here is my screenShot

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wooow me too have just finished 14 day and i learnt a lot am planing to go for more


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Congratulations! Enjoy your first badge. More to come! :slight_smile:

Enjoy your first badge! Keep going! :slight_smile:

This was awesome! Can’t wait to create something else! :cheese:

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Congratulations! The best is yet to come for you! :slight_smile: Enjoy your first badge.

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Your tutorial was extremely helpful! Thank you so much!