Firebase questions

I am working on creating an app, I had a friend who was creating this with me. He created our database in firebase but is no longer working on the app. Now the app is in beta released with my bundle ID etc, and has no date populating the screen. Would the different database IDs be the cause of this?

Hi Cam, welcome to the community!

I’m confused,
Did you create a new Firebase project and add that to the app?
Or are you still using your friends Firebase project?

Im still using my friends, my question is do i need to make a new one with my bundle id etc for the app to run properly?

The app should keep running as long as they don’t delete the project.

But considering you’re no longer working with him, I’d create a new Firebase project, with a new google service info.plist

Is there a way to copy a firebase database?

You can export the data in it to a JSON file if you want

I made a new database and now the app doesn’t show part of the cell it should…each cell has a picture in it and those are not showing

What are you using to display the images in your app?

You downloaded the data, and made sure to use a new GoogleService-Info.plist?