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Firestore connection issue

Hi, guys. I’m currently learning how to use Firestone in the project, and I ran into an issue which I think most developers in China will encounter, which is everything related to Google is banned.
I can log in Firestore and create a project just fine by using proxy. However, it didn’t work when I try to create some documents in code. Here’s what the console said:

2022-02-28 11:25:00.483908+0800 Firebase_UIKit[17521:311873] 8.12.1 - [Firebase/Firestore][I-FST000001] WriteStream (7fdd5320fdc8) Stream error: 'Unavailable: failed to connect to all addresses’

Also I’d like to mention that in order to install Firestone SDK I have to do these in the terminal, otherwise I won’t even be able to install the pods. For those who have this issue, you can do this to fix your pod installation problem, notice you have to type in your own proxy socket value tho.
// For http
git config --global http.proxy
// For https
git config --global https.proxy