Firestore Journal App Progression Question

How can I make it so when someone downloads my Firestore Journal App, they are able to have their own private Collection of notes, separate from all the notes I have created?
I have made some very cool aesthetic and programmatic changes to the Firestore Journal App. In addition to completely changing the theme and visual appearance of the original App, I have added a Search Bar which searches the notes and updates in real time, animations that fire as a result of different user interactions, and am considering incorporating some MapKit and CoreLocation functionality too. Once the App is compete, I plan on uploading a version of the app with the Search Bar and Animations to GitHub for the CodeCrew Community because I think both of those things, particularly the Search Bar, are very valuable bits of knowledge to have. Also, I hope that someone who is more experienced than me can let me know whether or not the changes I’ve made are done properly (they work so as of now that’s good enough for me).
Going back to the main question stated before, how can I make it so a user can download my App and have access to their own personal Collection of notes, that can only be seen by them? I really want to put an App on the App Store, and because the main App I’m working on is still at least a year away from being complete, I’m hoping to put my version of the Firestore Journal App up soon. I would really appreciate any responses.
Thank you!

if you move forward to the “Photo App” in the foundations course that will cover something like a “social media” type of app that separates data from different users

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