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Fix to AutoComplete?

I have been searching online and trying everything. Does anyone know a fix to the autocomplete issue?

I have tried, restarting computer.

Moving all files into main folder rather than sub folders.

Unchecking Suggest complete, and restarting Xcode

restarting Xcode several times.

I cannot function without autocomplete. Has anyone found a fix?

What autocomplete issue?

Xcode usually messes up autocomplete when there is something in your code that confuses it. Fixing whatever is confusing it should restore autocomplete. Do you see any warnings or errors in your code?

No, the build and everything is fine. Then when I go to try to like add another modifier or look through modifiers, nothing shows up. And no auto fill shows up

In that situation, close Xcode and re-open it. You are not the only one who has issues with AutoComplete. It can sometimes be rather frustrating.