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Get All Users except logged in user

So I watched Cris video no how to getData from firebase. So what I am practicing currently is to get all users from my User collection. However, I want to see how can I get All users from that “users” collection, but exclude the current user (logged in user). Thank you in advance for any tips

@AppStorage(CurrentUserDefaults.userID) var currentUserID: String? // If user has a value, be String. If not, then nil. AppStorage is the SwiftUI version of calling user defaults.

@Published var users = [UserModel]()
let db = Firestore.firestore()

init() {
func getAllUsers() {
    //Read the documents at a specific path
    db.collection("users").getDocuments { querySnapshot, error in
        //Check for errors
        if error == nil {
            // No Errors
            if let snapshot = querySnapshot {
                //Update users property in the main thread
                DispatchQueue.main.async {
                    // Get all documents of users
                    self.users =  snapshot.documents.map { document in
                        //Create User for each document returned
                        return UserModel(id: document.documentID,
                                         displayName: document["display_name"] as? String ?? "",
                                         email: document["email"] as? String ?? "",
                                         providerID: document["provider_id"] as? String ?? "",
                                         provider: document["provider"] as? String ?? "",
                                         userID: document["user_id"] as? String ?? "",
                                         bio: document["bio"] as? String ?? "",
                                         dateCreated: document["date_created"] as? Date ?? Date())
        else {
            //Handle Error

Probably one way to achieve that is to use Auth.CurrentUser.uid to get the current user id and then loop through the array of users and remove the current user id from the array.