Getting back into coding with BlackJack. Thank you Chris!

After almost a two decade long hiatus from coding, I wished to come back, but didn’t know how. Things have evolved quite a bit since the 90s. Well, then I found Chris’ guide and just with one week’s training I was able to code a fully functional blackjack game.

I mentioned this earlier that, I was glad to see that none of the core principles have changed. It was one big relief for me that POPL(Principles of Programming Languages) , OOP(Object Oriented Programming), AAD (Algorithm Analysis and Design), etc. are still pretty much the same, which made it easier for me to pick it up again.

Don’t have words to express how happy I am to be coding again. Thank you Chris!!!

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Congrats!!! :clap::clap::clap:
Looks awesome!

Fundamentals are always the same, languages change and evolve

Welcome back to the world of coding! :slight_smile:

Thanks @MikaelaCaron. Well sometimes things evolve, so I was expecting everything to have moved from Newtonian physics of C++ to quantum mechanics or something in those 20 years, and I would be antiquated completely.

All good, and glad to have found Chris’ guide. Good to be here.

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