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Getting CWC+ and I need to know details

HI all
Is CWC+ worth it and is it a lock in contract.
Please let me know.

Regards Gifwii

Welcome to the community! What do you mean by “lock in contract?”

You can choose to pay monthly, with no commitment, or pay yearly (which would mean you pay a full year’s worth at once, and this in turn will lower the monthly cost) info here

You can review all the types of courses and content and decide whether or not you think it’d be useful for what you want to learn.

Whether it’s “worth it” or not to you is personal.

What is it you want to get out of Chris’ content?? Is there something specific you want to learn?

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Hi, welcome to the community!

If your goal is to make an app on iPhones, I can’t help but strongly recommend CWC+.

I discovered and subscribed this year as a total beginner, and I honestly think their courses are the best ones out there. Super clear and the challenges are exactly what they are meant to be: absolutely foundational.

If you take your time and manage to grind through them all in the Foundations course, you’ll grow confident you can figure out how to create your own app ideas.

Worth it imho