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Github repo folder structure

Hi all,
Happy new year !!

When I upload project-wise repos (i.e. a local .git file for each project) on github, my github account looks like:


But on my mac, I store all projects in a folder called ‘cwc’. So I would like to create my github repo like:


For this, what I am presently doing is that, I keep my local repo (.git file) in ‘cwc’ and I use a terminal (not on xcode) to add / commit / push manually on the terminal.

It is okay, but is preventing me from experiencing the convenience of using github from inside xcode. Kindly let me know if there is a better way out. Look forward !!


You should have a single GitHub repo for each project

Lock ally that’s fine to keep all your different projects under a cwc folder. But each project should have its own GitHub repo.

You shouldn’t necessarily connect them all together into a single GitHub project. (You can, but overall it’s not ideal)

Thanks @mikaelacaron.

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