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Glueing a 2D Object into a 3DScene

Hello all,
we are building an app in which we are trying to place a 2d Object into a 3D scene and blend it perfectly into 3DObject.Later we should be able to drag and place it in another side of the same 3D Object . Can you advise us about a possible solution .

Best Regards

so you mean like a sticker to be placed on your 3D object? is this spritekit?

Yes , we are aiming to place a sticker in form of .png images to 3D Object, but we are not using Spritekit at the moment . we are using SceneKit for the same . Is this the right way to proceed ? we found that these types of techniques there is very less tutorials , and even few mentors . Grateful if you can shed some lights on this .we were able to glue 2D image into 3D object . but we are trying to drag and drop method by which the user can glue image into any part of the 3D Object.

i should be possible but it will require the use of listeners so it can “track” where the mouse (finger) is dragging the object to while at the same time updating the the screen

can you suggest me any tutorials which covers this topic

You can search up gesture recognizers in swift… Im there are plenty