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GoogleDataTransport Issues

Thank you for your messages! I´m looking to solve these issues. I doing the youtube course " Firebase Authentication Tutorial 2020 - Custom iOS Login Page (Swift)" and I did 1:09:00h of the course so far.

I uploaded a screenshot that shows the issues. I use XCode 8.2.1 with El Capitan.

Best regarts

Hi @BenGF

Welcome to the Code Crew community.

The issues you are experiencing I suspect are largely as a result of the version of Xcode that you are using.

You really need to consider upgrading the version of Mac OS and also Xcode given that the vast majority of tutorials that are being generated by Chris Ching are now with the latest version of Xcode and the latest version of Mac OS.

Thank you @Chris_Parker. I saw in the discription of google firebase that it is requiret to have at least xcode 12.2 and cocoapods 1.10.00.

See link here