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Guidance on the slots app


I was recently looking at some swiftui animation tutorials, and saw chris’s video on it featuring mark moeykens and thought that it was pretty cool, so I thought I would follow along with it after after I finish the the module I am on rn (I am in the design course module 1)

The problem is that I had no idea that the slots app had a lot of extra stuff added to it after the basic module 1 challenge.

Nowi could probably follow along with Chris’s youtube series on it but thought it would be better if I coded it completely on my own.

So If it is there in a sort of a challenge format rather than a guided walkthrough that would be quite useful.


The Slots challenge first appeared in the " 14 Day Beginner Challenge (SwiftUI)" Lesson 13. Maybe have a look at that to see if that gives you any clues on how to tackle it.

Thx for the reply chris.

But i have already finished the lesson 13 challenge, which seems very basic to the one mark uses in the animation video.

Just by looking at it I am not able to tell all the difference as there seems to be an extra button, two more rows and a background.

So if there is like a challenge format on how to get to that point in the app(Where i kinda try to figure it out on my own based on what the end product should do), That would be quite helpful.

If there isn’t then its not an issue, As i can follow along with the youtube series

There are no more challenges related to the Slots App beyond what you have already seen in the “14 Day Beginner Challenge (SwiftUI)”.

I tried to do it , but there is some issue with the images. eg error finding apple1. also not all 3 appear when shuffled, sometimes it’s just one , or 2 , or none. i am new to this would be great if you helped out.