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Has anybody integrated with Plaid?

I am trying to integrate with PLaid and it’s currently kicking my b*tt.
I setup a universal link file in heroku
I setup the plaid calls as firebase call functions

stil not working…stuck for two weeks

have any of you has done a plaid integration, if so how did you do it? even better if you can share your repo


Jonny had previously created a Plaid course you could try to reach out to him, I personally have worked with it before

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thanks, yes I actually bough his course, but the plaid section is a bit outdated (even though it was last updated in Feb 2021)

Oh shoot that should’ve said have NOT worked with it before. I’d reach out to Jonny or also check Plaid’s documentation

the course is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, I’ll reach out to him or try to make sense of the documentation. thanks

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