Have you ever? Captured data from a mobile app and loaded it to Google Sheets

I have a Google Sheets spreadsheet where we gather information and enter it into the spreadsheet. I want to be able to develop a mobile app so the tech can take their phone around, enter the data through an app and it loads to a specific cell based on parameters given (like a room number and date).

Since I’m new to app development, wanted to see if there is a way to do this or not.

I’m not exactly sure if this is possible.
I’d begin looking at the google sheets API.
But also something you could do is just make a google form, that exports to google sheets.
And then make a program that parses the proper cells into the ones you want

Thanks for the response.
I could use a google form; however, that’s not much different than entering directly into the sheet from a tech perspective. I will look at the Google Sheets API’s to see what options they give me.
Thanks again.