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HealthKit App Challenge - import workout maps

Hi there,

I think I’m going to be too late to submit the healthkit app challenge - I’m way off being done - however I’m really enjoying going through the process. The app I’m building pulls in workouts from healthkit and one thing I’d love to figure out how to do is, where appropriate, also pull in and display the maps. Anyone who has done a walk and/or run using the apple activities will know that it shows a little map of where you went. I’d really like to get that into my app. I think this however is currently beyond my capability to figure out (but I do like a challenge). I wondered if anyone had done anything similar? Or had come across any tutorials that do it? Or is even a healthkit expert and could volunteer some time to help me figure it out?

Thanks a lot


i guess you can always check the official documentation and do some digging around there

it might also be a combination of MapKit and probably coordinates given by HealthKit for a particular record… think of it like working with an API or something