Hello everyone there!

Hello everybody! I am Marius and glad to join this community. I am a beginner and looking forward to grow in my journey as a good developer with the goal of my created App on appStore.

P.S. - best wishes on comming X-mas and NewYear!


Welcome, Marius! We can’t wait to see your growth. You got this! And yup, have a safe and amazing holiday break. I personally can’t wait to say goodbye to 2020, haha.


Hey everyone so i have made a content blocker for Safari but that didn’t end up being the goal i wanted :joy::joy::joy: since well what i want is an in app adblocker for my apps cause whenever i am on the app store i see that they do half the job but not the whole job ya know i just want an app that does the whole job

So if there is anyone that wants to make that app for me or something be my guest cause well i’m not good when it comes to coding and other stuff but good with spreadsheets