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Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone!

I am a student of computational science at ETH Zürich in Switzerland and I specialise in writing fast and efficient scientific code and running it on HPC Clusters. Ive written quite a lot of numerical code in various languages (mostly Fortran and C++) and I also have experience in systems programming in C and x86 assembly.

I recently joined this community because I realised that I did not know how to write clean GUIs for the output data of my scientific code. I searched online for some courses in swift (a language I was completely new to!) and found the video series uploaded by Chris.

I have been burning through Chris’ tutorials on SwiftUI and I can’t wait to get to the Machine Learning course!

I will keep this page updated with any projects I come up with!

Happy coding!

- Marcel : )


Welcome Marcel!! Excited to see what you make!