Help! I can’t figure out this problem with Terminal

Hey everyone! I’ve run into some trouble with terminal & im hoping someone can offer some assistance. In Terminal, rather than seeing Michaels-MacBook-Pro:~ michaelschimminger$

I am seeing Cornell-Visitor:~ michaelschimminger$

When I show the terminal inspector, I see this under locations. I’ve been searching for a solution for hours! I would greatly appreciate any assistance whatsoever!

Are you connected to some kind of School Server or VPN?

I apologize - I should have specified that. I actually am not on any university servers or vpn or anything. I’m home for winter break.

I do recall early in the semester I did something to manually change it so it does, in fact, say Cornell-Visitor (this was when I had absolutely no understanding of the command line & I was just beginning to learn).

I have suspicions that it is as simple as me somehow renaming something or replacing what school say Michaels MacBook?

Terribly confused and frustrated.

Thank you so much for extending your help!

Open Terminal and then enter this:

sudo scutil --set ComputerName “newname”

Replace “newname” with Michaels-MacBook-Pro

then flush the cache with:

dscacheutil -flushcache

and finally reboot your Mac

I cannot thank you enough for extending your help…especially on Christmas Day! I just tried that, but unfortunately it did not work.