Help on Firebase error

I am busy with the user name and password in Firebase and I am getting an error with the line
let db = Firestore.firestore()
error: Use of unresolved identifier ‘Firestore’
all the pods seem to have installed correctly.
Any help would be appreciated.

Did you remember to import Firebase both in the Appdelegate and then in the .swift file? I tend to forget that all the time.

Yes, I have checked and it is in both.

it seems that there is a problem with the pod (you could also be lacking the firestore pod),

try cleaning and rebuilding your app first to see if it works

if not post what pods you installed

Hi Francis

I did all that with no change, then I added “import FirebaseFirestore” and it worked!


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what do u mean by that
Did you do that in your pod file or the xcode project itself

bro thank you. This was actual very helpful

Hello guys,

I had the same problem and by adding “import FirebaseFirestore” as you suggested the error disappeared but now nothing gets displayed on my simulator…So I don’t have any errors, the app seems to run properly but nothing gets displayed, any ideas?Thank you.

hello i suggest making a new thread for your problem so we can take a better look at it