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Help with button

This is the code for the message screen for the app and I am trying to add a next or finish button so it will take them to the end screen but nothing has been wokring

import SwiftUI

struct MessageView: View {
    // State variables to store the values of the TextField and DatePicker
        @State var name = ""
        @State var birthday = Date()
        @State var location = "World Wide,U.S."
        @State var message = ""
    @State private var selection = 0
    var body: some View {
        Form {
            // Name
            Section(header: Text("Name")) {
                TextField("Enter Name", text: $name)

            // Birthday
            Section(header: Text("Birthday")) {
                DatePicker("Special Day Date", selection: $birthday, in: ...Date(), displayedComponents: .date)
                // in: ...Date() refers to the range the user can select from
                // It wouldn't make sense if the user could select a date that hasn't happened yet
                // By default a DatePicker will let the user pick a time and date
                // displayedComponents: .date, restricts it to date selection only
                // Message
                Section(header: Text("Message")) {
                    TextField("Enter your message", text: $message)
        Button("Next") {
            //go to End view
        .shadow(radius: 2)