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Help with change photos

hello everyone, I am working on a menu app this menu have photo inside need to change it every month , the app will be release in appstore , after that we will change photos every month , is there any way to change it without updating the app every month ? and if I wanna change some text also , and if the only way to do update every month is that ok ?
thank you, have a nice day to all of you

Store the data in Firebase and have the app fetch that new data! :slight_smile:

and I can change anything I want ? text or images . is there any video or examples for that , thanks for your reply.

I think you misunderstand me , sorry about that , menu app inside of it pic of burger sandwich we released the app to appstore so users can download it and see the menu of burger sandwiches( they are not allowed to edit any photos ) only me can change the pic of burger sandwiches, after a month we decided to change this photo to anew one , so the users can see the new menu , can we do it from firebase? if there is 1000 download of the app so the pic will change to all , or we just need to release updates to appstore every month?

Yup you can do whatever!

Yes! You could change it in Firebase directly, or make the app and have some info hidden behind an if statement that is only compiled during development and not in production.

Or just have a web front end that talks to your Firebase backend.

Every single app (downloaded from the App Store) is pointed to look at a specific thing menu say: PostedMenu And in your backend you would change what menu is classified as “posted”

Think of it like Facebook or any social media. I change my status to “I like iOS dev” and all my friends see it.
I go and edit my status to instead say “I like Mac development”

It would change for everyone when they refresh my profile

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I don’t know how to thank you, but I really appreciate your kindness. Thanks for this information. with all respect to you .