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Help With Crash Report Decoding


I had a quick question regarding decoding two crash logs I had. What happened was that I ran my app (GitHub - KadenZheng/PhoeniKZ: University High School App) on an iPad and then it crashed on launch. I have a suspicion that it had something to do with my info.plist file as there was a duplicate for some reason with the incorrect bundle ID, although I have no idea if that would cause a crash.

I’d really like to decode and understand what the crash logs are saying, so if there’s any “normal English” anyone can decipher from the logs, please let me know, and how I can do this myself in the future!

Thank you so much. The two logs are attached on the github pages link below.


I don’t have an answer to decoding the crash log. But since the app crashes for you when you run it, I can help you figure out the reason the app is crashing.

Set an exception breakpoint in Xcode. Choose Debug > Breakpoints > Create Exception Breakpoint. The exception breakpoint will fire when the app crashes and let you see where in your code the crash occurs.