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Help With TabView Button Colours


My problem is essentially that the inactive tab button is the wrong colour and hard to see as seen in the picture. I would appreciate help being able to manually set the colour of the buttons at the bottom.

If you make use of the AccentColor in the Assets catalogue you can configure that to make the active Tab color something that better contrasts the red background. The problem is that the inactive tab color is a gray so there is not enough contrast with that and the red background.

I guess a better solution would be to use a background color in your gradient that works better with the tab items.

Thanks for the advice!

I ended up using


on the tabview to enhance readability but I might just make a custom tabview.

Again thanks for the advice!

Hi @RazerGamingOven, Maybe you can also try additing a background blur on your tabbar. you can see example here.