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Help with Unit Testing

Hi there,

I can’t see why this is giving me an error when writing my unit testing. Any idea on how to resolve this issue?

Many thanks! :))

You shouldn’t need to import AVFoundation
And AutoSync is inside your MozzWear project?

Hi, yes it’s inside my project.

With regards to importing AVFoundation, I thought I would need it to test when my app records an audio file?

You should only be testing your app’s code itself, not any frameworks made by Apple

That’s interesting, it all looks correct, try to clean the project / delete derived data and run an example test (that just has an XCTAssertTrue(true)

If that doesn’t work, I’d just delete the class and try to remake it

Thanks Mikaela!

Whatever fixes it, be sure to post it here and mark it as the solution! It may help others

Deleting the class and making a new one did the job but I still wonder why things like that happen.

Xcode gets confused :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: