Hi I’m new but like some of you determined

My name is Mike I’m better at talking then writing
I’ve been interested in learning how to code and invested in a Mac I all ready had an iPhone an iPad and starting going to an Apple store in Temecula and of course the pandemic occurred
So all I know is what little I’ve been able to pick up from U tube that’s how fortunately for me I discover this course
I’m old and slow but determined
Have no idea as to how far I will go but will not give up
Twenty three years ago when I was almost 50 I decided to become a Craps Dealer and believe me I think this is easier
Knowing there is a support group is really in our aging
Watching videos on Swift most of the time the people were very smart but also very confusing
The style that Chris teaches seems to be less confusing so I think there is hope for me

Hi Mike,

Welcome to the code crew community.

There’s an old saying “that you can never teach an old dog new tricks”. I’ve never subscribed to that theory so at 67 I’m enjoying my Swift journey too so good luck with yours.

Just take your time and go back over the tutorials if you are not clear on what is going on or ask a question here. There is a variety of categories so ask your question in the one that is appropriate.

If you have enrolled in a course then there is the Course Students category where you can ask your question in the related course sub-category.

I would say start by writing your own very very simple apps, then expand on your simple apps by adding just one new thing at a time.
Look at the videos, but remember, some videos you may come across may be a couple of years old, and in programming terms may already be out of date.
Good luck.

I’m in your boat too… I’m 62. I’ve been piddling around for years but go anywhere. I’m going to give it another go with Chris. Good luck!! Us seniors will be the next generation of coders!


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