How do configure two ViewControllers for separate segues

I am experimenting and have my main screen set-up similar to the journal app where clicking the row will trigger a segue to another view controller to show a detail screen. I have another button that I’ve placed on the same screen that I want to open a separate view controller with a different set of data. I’ve used CTRL-Drag from that button onto the view controller and that worked well.

Just to be more clear - inside the prototype cell I have a 4 column horizontal stack that contains from left to right : a label with the field1, a label with field2, a button that I want to go to the second segue screen, a button to delete the record (not operational yet). So currently if I click the cell, it will take me to the first segue screen like it should. but I want to make that button open the other segue.

I thought I could set up another segue.destination like that below in the override function prepare but that doesn’t work. I’m guessing I need to have two of these separate functions and to specific what the specific sender is in each of those instances? I tried different things for sender but couldn’t get it to work. I thought maybe ViewController or tableView.cell and those sorts of things didn’t work. I think I don’t know how to define the path or address for a control on my view controller that I can then put into that Sender parameter. Any suggestions?

override func prepare(for segue: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: Any?) {
    let animalViewController = segue.destination as! AnimalViewController
    let vaxViewController = segue.destination as! VaxViewController
    animalViewController.animal = animals[tableView.indexPathForSelectedRow!.row]
    vaxViewController.animal = animals[tableView.indexPathForSelectedRow!.row]