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How helpful are the tutorial courses for school

I am an AMSTI Math Specialist for 6-8 students. One of my goals this year is to learn how to create an app so I can gain background knowledge in order to teach students how to become more computational thinkers through app design. With the code with Chris help me gain the knowledge relevant to impact student learning and make connections through Math?

Hello @jsmith_12!

Welcome to the CodeCrew community! I think coding definitely goes hand in hand with computational thinking, whether that’s with our training or other resources.

I can’t comment on how our material will help make connections to/through math but I can say that many teachers have used our 14 day beginner challenge series to teach their high school classes.

We even have some teachers using our full iOS Foundations course for their classrooms.

I would suggest starting there and seeing for yourself! It’s not a huge time commitment to get through these lessons and you’ll probably be able to make a decision halfway through: