How iOS is made?

I wanna to be an iOS developer and I don’t wanna be an app dev but for starting I am going on app dev so can anyone tell me that on which language the iOS is made if anyone knows and there wasn’t any category for this type of question so I have put it on the journal category.


For the most part iOS is be developed in Swift these days.


from Xcode??
or from any other text editor

for @FoundationSW

can you also tell me how to get started and am I going on the write way ??

only Xcode can be used to make native iOS Apps

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I know that Xcode is used to make iOS apps but I am asking that on which text editor the iOS (iPhone operation system) is made

The iOS, tvOS, iPadOS and macOS are written in C, C++, Objective-C and Swift. As for what kind of source code editor is used it’s probably written using development environments for each of those Languages so Xcode is likely in the mix for Objective C and Swift components.

thanks @Chris_Parker