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How many downloads?

Hi guys, after a long 9 months, I have FINALLY got my first iOS app approved for the Apple App Store.

I am very excited.

This is brand new to me.

I know that there are 100’s of different factors but my question is this.

How many downloads did you get you get in your first week of release on the App Store?

Thanks in advance!

Congrats!!! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face: I don’t have an answer cause I released my apps a while back ago and I don’t remember, but depending on your marketing plan, it can change and influence downloads :grin:

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i need help. When i sign up to the 14 day challenge. The email I get is only for resources. I dont know how to access the actual challenge. When i click on resources it brings me to the dropbox page. I dont know how to get round it

Please ask this question in its own thread