How to access storyboard from another .swift

i’ve created a picker and when a button is pushed an action in the View Controller calls a function in another class “open” that is not in the View Controller, and at the end of this class “Open” it should return a image and it does, but i don’t know how to send it to the storyboard, i can´t create a IBOutlet in the class Open, how can i call a variable IBOutlet from my class Open? can anybody help me?

Hi Laura,

Can you provide screen captures of your code and the structure of your storyboard.

There i the class ViewController and i have the open class
In the View Controller i have un IBOutlet variable that i want to use in the open class when a function is being called, but i can’t call it.

In the class open i only have a imagepicker and when the image is picked i want to call the IBOutlet