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How to cache Images?

Hi All,

So Im currently uploading an image to Storage, then I download and then upload the url to cloud firestore and when needed i fetch the url and display the img. But how can i cache the image(s)? So it does not take so long to load every time
This is how i get the Url from cloud Firestore:
BTW im using SwiftUI

  func GetImage() {
        guard let userID = Auth.auth().currentUser?.uid else { return }
        let db = Firestore.firestore()
            db.collection("Users").document(userID).collection("PostedImages").document("ImageOneTester").getDocument { (document, error) in
            if let document = document, document.exists {
                // Extracts the value of the "Url" Field
                let imageUrl = document.get("Url") as? String
                if imageUrl != nil {
                    self.urlValue = imageUrl!

                print("This is URL2: \(imageUrl ?? "URL NOT FOUND")")
            } else {

This series overall is really useful but around 18 mins is where he talks about image caching