How to create Instructions or Intro-Walkthroughs for your app

Hey I realice how important it is to have initial instructions or walkthroughs when you launch an app or when you have a new version update. Will be great to have this tutorial with the Chris expertise and teaching skills.

Hi Marco,

I’ve seen people provide details on what has changed in the update and most developers use a modal view to slide up and allow the user to scroll through the changes. If there is more than a page of details the data is presented in a ScrollView.

I suspect that a flag is set which is saved to UserDefaults to record that the view has been seen. When the App is launched after an update, that flag would be set back to false so maybe in viewDidLoad() the flag setting is retrieved and if not set to true, show that screen.

When they have finished, tap on a “Done” button or “OK” and that dismisses the view and the flag is set to true to indicate that the change notification has been seen so that it is not presented the next time the user opens the App.

That seems to be a logical approach to me but others might have a different view.

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Implemented in my app! Thanks man, I followed up the steps advised