How to: Get lots of product information into your app


I’m not sure how to word this, so stick with me.

I’m looking to make an app similar to Untappd but for coffee. The idea of the app is somewhere where the user can store a list of the coffees they have tried, rate them, put in brewing notes etc. and also find new coffee that will be similar to what they like. When you go to review a coffee I want to have a search bar where you can search for an existing coffee and if it doesn’t exist then you can manually add it. I don’t know how to get all that information about existing coffees into the app though.

Here is my question:
How do you approach finding all that information and getting all that information about the coffees into the database?
Is there a place where people get this information?
Is info just built up over time from all the other user?
Is there an API like the News App from the beginner course?
Also how would you search the internet for this?

This is something I have wondered for things like MyFitnessPal and Untappd etc. How do they get all the information about the products into the apps?

Any advice on approaches would be good as this is the foundation for quite a few of my app ideas. Another one is a golf scorecard app and I want to be able to search for any golf course and for it to give me the information.

Thanks for any advice,