How to make an App. CodewithCHRIS. Assets

I want to use my own images in the assets but the dimensions only come to 1x but in Chris app development Videos his images are compatible to 1x, 2x, 3x dimension. Any suggestions how can I do that. I have already tried the Image Resolution from Photoshop but no use

Thank You

It’s really just changing the dimensions of the image to twice and 3 times the size. And making sure to rename the file “@2x” and “@3x” at the end

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In photoshop after you have loaded your image, to resize the image use the menu option Image > Image Size and when the adjustment dialog box is presented change the height or width value. Make sure that the link is switched on to maintain the image ratio.

Apply the change and then use File > Save As and name your image, for example “image@3x”
Select PNG as the file type and save it wherever you wish.

When you’ve got your assets all sized then you can drag them into your project Assets group.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you I will definitely try this.

hello i suggest using Prepo (its free on the appstore), your original image will be the x3 size by default and it will make the other sizes for you automatically, it will also help you create different sized icons as well

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