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How to Make Payment

How can one pay a user from iOS app using the PayPal payout api?

Did you get your answer?
I am having an issue with this as well.

I did a little bit of researching, and I believe that you can use PayPal pay api, this is the link to it here
I have not yet used it because I had to make some modifications on my app first. Please let me know how it goes. Thank you

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I have created an app myself where i need to pay the user with Paypal and Cloud Functions. The problem i am having is the http request is not working and i can’t seem to get why :expressionless: I may have to find some other way to pay my users. Too bad though cause i got it working the same way in my Android app :thinking: :thinking:

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That’s Nice!, Good work! It’s a pleasure to share an experience with you. Thank you very much, I can definitely keep you updated if it works for me

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I don’t know if you were able to figure out how you can pay your app Users. I promised that I was going to keep you updated. So I wanted to let you know that I was able to implement the payment system on my app using the PayPal Rest api. I used postman to the most part :sweat_smile:. I hope your app goes well. I wish you the best. Thank you



Thanks for the update but NO i wasn’t able to figure it out and gave up on it.

Would you be willing to provide info on how you did it?

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Yeah, Sure :slight_smile:
I was able to make the whole app… at least for the initial deployment. However I was rejected by Apple because my app lacked more content. Nevertheless, it has been a fun experience.
Getting back to how I managed to pull it out. I used postman for getting the code in order to make token request and then after getting a token key. I used that token to make a paypal payout batch (I used postman to get code for both: making the token request, and using that token to make a batch request). That is pretty much the just of it. If you have any question, feel free to reach out to me. Thank you

Best of luck

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Thanks for the reply. Would you be willing to share your code (payment or paypal code) or is it available on github, etc.?